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The Crystals We Use

























Blue topaz






Cat's Eye




















































Rose Quartz




Rutilated Quartz






Smoky Quartz








Tiger's Eye








Common Questions Answered about the CRYSTALLINE POWER POUCH ©


What is the recommended age to use the Crystalline Power Pouch?

The recommended age is 13 since the energy field and the soul transition is complete. We are working on a special Crystalline Power Pouch specifically designed for children under 13 years of age.

Please keep away from children!


How should I wear my Crystalline Power Pouch?

You can use it as a belt facing forward, backwards or even sideways. The Pouch is designed to come off it’s belt and be used as a Pocket Pouch on your own belt. Overall the Crystalline Power Pouch is highly versatile and very comfortable to wear.
We do recommend to find your comfortable and safe way to align the Power Pouch with your Energy Centers or Chakras for optimal results. To learn more about your Chakras click here >


Can I order a custom Crystalline Power Pouch?

Yes you can. What we mean by custom is that you can choose the type of crystals you wish for us to install on your new pouch. To buy a custom pouch please visit our main item page located here>
Your choice of crystal will have to be emailed to us through our Contact Us page at this point since Paypal is limited in space during checkout.
You can view and choose the crystals from our Crystal Page >>
Once we receive your order and email, we will confirm with you your choices again.


Can I wear my Crystalline Power Pouch during Yoga or other form of exercise?

Not recommended as some yoga poses may actually make the Pouch uncomfortable to wear.
The same goes to all other forms of exercise.


How long will it take to get my new Crystalline Power Pouch?

Usually within a week. Should there be any delay we will promptly inform you via email.


Can I wash my Crystalline Power Pouch?

Yes you may with regular water and a gentle soap. Hang it in a dry cool location to dry completely.
DO NOT use any type of heat dryer.


Can I go to sleep wearing the Crystalline Power Pouch?

Under No circumstances should you wear the Crystalline Power Pouch on your body using a belt of any kind!
DO NOT wear the Crystalline Power Pouch during sleep or nap.

You can however, place it under your pillow or mattress.


Can I wear or carry the Crystalline Power Pouch during pregnancy?

During your fetus development, both of your energy fields are combined, making your energy structure go through many changes very rapidly and by using the Crystalline Pouch during this period you might experience additional shifts which may overwhelm you and your baby emotionally.
We do however recommend using the Crystalline Power Pouch before and after your pregnancy.


Drink Water?

Yes! And lots of it. Magnetized water will be best, you can use our Magnetic Crystalline Water Pouch and bottle (coming soon) it will offer the ballance level your body needs during your empowerment process.


Does the Crystalline Power Pouch lose its power after long use?

No it will not. You simply cannot un-crystal a crystal.
They do love attention so make the time to get to know them it will keep them happy.

We energize each and every crystal using our special process which assures the best condition a crystal can be in. Using crystals for healing is real and truly profound.


How often should I wear my Crystalline Power Pouch?

We recommend using the Crystalline Power Pouch three days at a time with an acclimation / rest periods of one day at a time.
The most important part of this experience is to be patient, allow at least 33 days to see results.

The Crystal Energy Pouch is a chakra balancing tool among other things, which will lead you to self empowerment. This tool and method takes time and curage to step into your power. Self empowerment is in front of you, just open the door and take one step forward.


How will the Crystalline Power Pouch affect me?

Each in her or his own way.
We would love to learn about your experiences so we can share it with other angles.
Please email us your experience using our contact page> or via our Facebook Group Page>

Vibrational energy healing can take shape in many ways therfore we cannot predict how each and every one of you will feel or not feel.

It is one of many Energy Healing Modalities available around the world, in our crystal healing pouch there are elements which increase the level of energies emitted many times over, making it a very powerful self empowerment tool to use.

Remember that the Energy Pouch is only a tool, the true power is within You!


What is your Warranty & Guarantee?

180-Day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warrantee.
You will need to contact us before shipping your Pouch back so we can have a return authorization set up for you.

Shipping and handling excluded.


Can I sell the Crystalline Power Pouch in my store?

We apologize but in order to keep the costs down we are unable to offer our products to retails stores at this time. You are welcome however, to email us your info so we can notify you if this policy changes in the future.


How and where do you make the Crystalline Power Pouch?

We are located in Sherman Oaks California and our Crystalline Power Pouch is attentively hand made on our premises.


Which crystals do you use for each sign?

We are sorry but this is our trade secret and therefore choose not to reveal it.


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