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Coffee Cup Reading

Remote Reading & On Location

"The cool part is, you don't have to make or drink the coffee! I do all that is necessary on my end"

Coffee grounds fortune reading or coffee Tasseography is an ancient and well known method for penetrating the veil of the unknown. It is as mystical as it is fascinating to many who turn to their favorite facilitator to provide guidance and or opinion, about their love life, finances, health, family and even the well being of their pets. This social ceremony has been part of everyday life in the middle east for centuries and has made its way to the rest of the world as earth became "smaller".


Turkish Coffee Cup Reading


How does it work?

The process is simple, the client drinks a well prepared turkish coffee served in a small white porcelain cup. When finished, the cup is turned over and set to dry for a few moments. The facilitator then observes the shapes, characters, letters and numbers to pick up the story behind the hints using her/his intuition. You might find yourself asking what does this have to do with Empowerment 33 and spiritual technology? Well, everything. and I will explain; First and foremost is the fact that this is all about using science yes! science to facilitate guidance and ultimately empower the human angel in the reading. The energy and frequency we vibrate and transmit, creates a quantum field which can be picked up and mirrored using a number of methods. It is very similar to taking a snapshot of a busy street where every detail about what is going on, in that particular moment, is frozen in time for you to observe. Intuition plays a big part in this process, because all that resides in the cup is visually analyzed by our intellect and with the balancing energy of the emotional part, the intuition of the facilitator closes the gap and connects directly to the quantum field.


Coffee Cup Reading


What should I expect?

There are three types of readings that I offer:

1- Remote reading - Done over the phone or Skype and

The cool part is you don't have to make or drink the coffee! I do all that is necessary on my end :)

2- In person, at my location.

3 - At your home or business - Very limited and confined to a specific radius.

Group readings are available periodically, please contact me for details. "Contact Page"

The results are all the same, in other words, there is no difference in potency between the "remote reading" or "in person". I have done readings overseas over the phone and are exactly the same had those clients were in the same physical room with me. Don't get me wrong , I love meeting with my clients, it does give a different feel however, the reading aspect is the same.


I would like a reading, what should I do?

1- If in person, click the calendar below and choose your convenient day and time. You can pay in advance or, at the end of your coffee cup reading session.

2- Remote reading, click the calendar choose your convenient day and time then process your payment at least 24 hours before your reading.


For all other types of readings please contact me directly using our "Contact Page"


Thanks to my amazing mother and her abilities, I have been privileged with tools to view the potentials of the future and deeds of the past, through the flavorful coffee grounds of the Mediterranean. You are welcome to make an appointment and experience the fun and magic talking about your questions from all matters and subjects that your cup will reveal and those that you will choose. Looking forward to seeing you and reading for you.


With Love and Gratitude

Eddie BenAbraham N.T

Coffee Grounds Reading Meanings (Example 1)

Turkish Coffee Cup Reading Symbols

This amazing client has himself in a very delicate and tough situation, he must balance the hardship at home (dark portion at the bottom of the cup) and, the many things going on around him. His hands are spread out and his body is dark meaning he is under a lot of stress however, the very unique part to this cup is that you cannot see his head and that is because he is managing all the agitation in his live and is able to keep his mind out of it. The position of his body has another meaning, if you look closely at the bottom, you will see that his legs are beginning to detach and the space between his body and all that is going on around is growing apart. Even though he is in this difficult position he is going to come out of it very quickly.

Coffee Grounds Reading Meanings (Example 2)

Coffee Cup Reading Symbols

Lets focus on the top portion of the cup, there are three main characters at play. The one on the right is my client, next to him is a female figure, which in this case is his partner. The third from the right. is the one which this matter is all about. If you notice there is a fourth person to the very left with a faded head, which tells us she is more as an observer not getting involved. The matter is about money, it is showing itself as little dots closer to their legs but, there is more in this situation and that is a "battle" of words and intellect between the two men. The woman in the middle acts as an active observer and adviser to my client. The exchange of words in this case is over a distance and not face to face, the exchange of words is depicted in the thick line of coffee connecting their mouth and of course my client's partner is reviewing all that goes on between them. At this point in the timeline there is no clear sign of what would be the outcome however, there are some small yet strong markings which show that the energy is much stronger on my client's side. There are some more cool things in this cup such as the lion in the bottom left related to the home aspect which is in a tough position but my client is handling it perfectly.

Coffee Grounds Reading Meanings (Example 3)

Coffee Cup Reading Service Remote Reading

There is just SO MUCH! going on in this little area of the cup, that I don't know where to begin....... It is complex because it is showing us multiple layers of information out of a single "picture". So, to make it easier I will write the following keywords: Light tube, higher self, family, lighthouse, protected light energy, kundalini, connection to mother earth, re-calibration, guardians, work, friends, wings and more. This client is at a point in her life going through so much spiritual and physical shifts, that can only be described as magic. I will leave it at that so you can dig into it yourself.


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