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Read the Stories of Angels Using our Products From Around the World

Cory Ann from Chicago Part 1

I have been interested in the Crystalline Power Pouch since hearing about it. I too have been intrigued about using crystals and magnets on the body. I made some simple jewelry using rare-earth magnets and various crystals and shared them with friends and family. They all said they could notice a calming or stress relief upon wearing them. My mother put on her bracelet while experiencing severe arthritis pain in her hand and her pain vanished immediatly. So, when i heard that Eddie was using Crystals, Magnets, AND Sacred Geometry all together in one, my interest was seriously perked:-D I look forward to sharing my experience of the Pouch with you!!!

"WOW" was the first thing i wrote in my journal to describe my Pouch. I've had my Crystalline Power Pouch since Wednesday, and "WOW" still sums it up in one word.

Almost as soon as put my belt on I noticed a warming sensation at the site of my Crystalline Power Pouch. I also noticed an immediate sense of awareness and centeredness upon using my Pouch. After a short time I experienced a feeling of needing to ground the pulsing waves of energy I could 'feel' coming from the Pouch Because of this pulsing energy sensation it took me a little time to find a comfortable spot to wear my Pouch. I tried it at different Chakras and settled on wearing at my 3rd chakra on my back. I AM wearing it on the skin of my spine at my Solar Plexus Chakra right now!!! That seems to be the place I like to wear it best, although I move it around duriing meditations and keep it under my pillow at night.

While meditating on grounding this 'light energy' my senses seem to open like never before. As if the Pouch is amplifying EVERYTHING!!! For example, while listening to the same meditation music as usual, I NOW can hear nuances in the tones that I haven't heard ever before!!! EVERYTHING seems amplified, while wearing the Pouch, my awareness much more keen and open to my surroundings:-D Everything is louder, clearer, more visable now:-DDD.

My Day 4 assessment of my Crystalline Power Pouch is that it "ROCKS!!!" and that everyone sould have one!!! I AM looking forward to collecting further data and sharing it with you so STAY TUNED!!!

I Love~Love~Love you ALL!!!

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Cory Ann from Chicago Part 2

Using Crystals, Magnets, and Sacred Geometry
21 July 2011 - 9:05pm | bubbles

Some time ago I was guided to use magnets applied directly to the body to alleviate pain and illness...LOL I walked around with rare-earth magnets taped to my body with sports tape. I had good results but didn't start any new fashion trends with my idea :-D. I then decided to use the magnets and crystals and made some simple jewelry which I shared. The combination of various crystals and magnets proved to be not only grounding and stress relieving but, my Mom's bracelet relieves her severe arthritis pain when she wears it.

I was delighted when i found out that my friend "Eddie"(username here:-) was using Crystals, Magnets, and Sacred Geometry in his new product line. I asked him if I could test this stuff out..beacuse you see i was only a working glue gun away from almost the same idea!!! Eddie lovingly agreed and sent me the first product in his line, the Crystalline Power Pouch. I've had my pouch or 2 weeks now, and I AM loving it!!!

The first few days with my new Pouch were OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD!!! When I first wore my Pouch I could not only feel a warming sensation at the sight, but I felt a pulsing sensation. I could feel the energy from my Pouch coming through in waves...It felt almost electric, and beacause of this strong sensation it took me a bit to find a place on my body where the energy was comfortable. I settled on wearing it on my Solar Plexus Chakra on my back. The combination in this design seems to amplify my, energy, sensations, and perceptions. Meditations with my Crystalline Power Pouch are intense and beautiful. Sound and sensation seem to amplify while wearing it as well. For example, familar music sounds really different while focused in the energy of the Pouch. I can hear Nuances in the tones of my favorite songs that I didn't hear before wearing my Pouch.

After my 2 weeks I AM still wearing, enjoying, and learing, from my Pouch. When I sleep with it under my pillow my dream state is most deffinately affected, as my dreams seem more viivid and lucid than before. When I wear my Pouch now, I feel a sensation of support...almost like the feeling of a weight belt if you will. The support I believe comes from the energy generated by the powerful combination of crystals, magnets and sacred geometry. I feel more concious of my posture, and my power center. Wearing the Crystalline Power Pouch makes me more aware of my center and the energy there.

So dear friends I wanted to share my findings with you, as I feel Eddie's ideas are awesome!!! His new idea is a water cooler/pouch
that combines powerful magnets, crystals, and sacred geomerty to lovingly carry your water in<3
You can find Eddie here, on Facebook under Crystalline Power Pouch, or at for more infomation and his new stuff. My expereince with my Pouch so far, has been awesome, and it's still unfolding...I will keep you all up-to-date so stay tuned:-D

I Love~Love~Love you ALL!!!

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Cory Ann from Chicago Part 3

It's been just over three weeks now since I've begun using my Crystalline Power Pouch, and I wish I could think of a better word than, "Wow', but it just keeps amazing me!

Ive begun to see my Pouch as a tool whose uses are just beginning to be discovered. It is clear to me that this thing actually amplifies the flow of energy in the 'right' channels. Meaning it amplifies the good stuff, and seems to help the 'not so good' stuff to ease and quicken it's duration. It's hard for me to think of another way to measure this affect but, I've been taking daily messures of my energy levels, sense of well being, and general groundedness and centeredness values. I can clearly see thru those that my everything is up after just 3 weeks of using my Power Pouch. As for the other stuff i can only use my observation and experience to reflect the difference I've seen.

I Am begininning to see that the Crystalline Power Pouch can be used as a tool for amplification of intent. Meaning that I can intend some kind of manifestation and use the Pouch to amplify the intent and speed the outcome! NOW that is freakin COOL!!! It's like I actually already felt this happening my friends, and it's freaking me out in all the good ways :-D As i type now my brain spins with te possibilities here :-DDDD

So suffice to say that I LOVELOVELOVE my Chrystalline Power Pouch more than ever!!!

I lovelovelove you ALL too :-P

Cory aka bubbles

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Jessie from California USA Part 1

howdy to eddie and all my power pouch rockers. Today is day 5 of sporting my pouch. i must admit i havent worn it so anyone can see it i also seem to feel it fits on my back over the 3rd chakra. My feelings and sensations have been one of strength, almost as if all along the spine things are clicking into place. I swear i'm taller!!! On the second day a business opportunity came to me that i never imagined...pouch???? Third day had a reacouring dream that changed (oh happy day) felt like my magic pouch had saved the day...thank you very much. I gave myself a break on the fourth day but kept feeling my back cause it felt like it was there. So now all next week im goin camping with my buds and my pouch. Going to check out the bears and nature with my new best friend. See you all in a week. love and light

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Jessie from California USA Part 2

Back from vacation with the bears, eagles and my new best friend, the power pouch. It is very interesting how since i have started wearing my pouch that many things have been coming to a close in my life. For the last 6 months i have not been able to finish projects that i'd started and i felt as if i was on hold in my spiritual life. Since the pouch i have had more energy and focused thought to complete projects. I have realized that having alittle fun has made light work of changing the way i want to live my life. I had a phantom death about 4 months ago and had stopped dreaming. Now i have several dreams every night about different ways to make my business better and very easy spiritual practises that i can include in healing ministry. New crystals have been finding their way to me and in the strangest places. I do find that i need to give myself a day break after 3 days with the pouch. It seems to keep me in a constant state of alertness???? Best word i can use to describe it. Also I am not hungry, ever. I really have to force myself to eat and i am very, very thirsty. I am really looking forward to see what my pouch will bring me this week.

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Jessie from California USA Part 3

This is an awesome time to be on the planet. We have always been able to change our reality however just now reconizing this wonderful fact. Utilizing the power pouch as a focus point my everyday interactions are more valuable and concise and yes i am amazed at what the universe is bringing my way. Still on my 33 days and my recuring dream is still different now...feel like i turned a corner on that & will never have to experience this again. Question to all of you out there...have you been experiencing "energy waves" for the last month? Its NOT hot flashes and others have had them at the same time!!!

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Jessie from California USA Part 4

still rocking my pouch. I believe this was the single most beneficial thing i have done for myself in along while. Mental clarity, focused attention and i swear its even improved my sex life. u gotta love it!!!!!!

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Jen Friel - Los Angeles CA USA Part 1

#YouCanDoIt: 30 Day Challenge Rockin a Crystalline Power Pouch and Belt (Day One)

No. like literally. HAHA!! Omg dudes, funny story .. so, over the weekend, I got an email from this duderino asking if I would consider his product for one of my social experiments. Alrite, I thought ... took a look at the link he provided, and it's for this thing:


Yeah. I'm not kidding - it's one of those crystal magnet thingie majiggies.

Now, my first reaction was to laugh and say oh no effin way; I think this stuff is a bunch of rubbish, but the more I thought about it - I thought maybe I could use this to my benefit.

I absolutely 100% do NOT believe in these things. At all. What-so-ever.

So I thought that would make me the PERFECT person to do an experiment involving something like this since my constant is the attitude of a skeptic.

I told the dude that the only way I would agree to talk about his product is if he understood that I would be 100% HONEST!!!! ONE HUNDRED GA-JUNDRED PERCENT!!! Like literally!!! I gave him a one sheet and said I am not liable if this doesn't work out!!!!

I said, if you believe in your product, then I will try it out and see if I am a believer.

He emailed me back, said he understood, and that he believed in it.

I said, that is all I needed to hear. DONE!

So, now I am wearing this thing ...


It looks unbelievably ridiculous, but that's okay because I am unbelievably ridiculous. It's like we're kindred spirits this little belt pouchie thing and I.

Seriously though, you can also wear it under your clothes obviously (hahaha but where's the fun in that!), but for the next 30 days I am going to be wearing this to test out my energy levels. The crystals and magnets inside are supposed to rejuvenate you and help you function better as a human being. Dudes, I have SOOOOOO much on my plate right now it's not even funny. For reals, I'm knee deep in 2 TV shows and writing a book all while managing this site and the brand in general?!?!? Insane in the motha fuckin membrane. Like SERIOUSLY!?!!

This is happening ... and my energy is just ... done.

The timing is oddly enough totally perfect (so what else is new). So yeah! I'm gonna give this thing a go.

Again though, as I even told the sponsor - I 100% do not do not do not believe in things like this. No joke, no bs, it's just not my style. BUT let's see if that changes.

I'll be rating my energy level multiple times a week on a scale of 1-10. 1 being almost comatose, 10 being off the wall bonkers.

Today, I am at a 2.

So far I've been wearing the belt for 2 hours, and it's weird - I can feel heat coming from it, but when I touch it, it's not hot, nor is my shirt warm. I don't know how to explain what I am feeling other than ... warmth. It's weird and kinda tripping me out, I'm not gonna lie.

But here we go ... another new experiment to play with. Let's see what happens!!!!

Special thanks to Empowerment33 for the nerdy loving. For reals, I've always been curious about magnets and crystals, but now I can draw my own conclusions. mwahahaha!!!

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Jen Friel - Los Angeles CA USA Part 2

#YouCanDoIt: 30 Day Challenge Rockin a Crystalline Power Pouch and Belt (Day Seven)

DUDES!!!!!!! I'm already 7 days into my 30 day challenge rockin the crystalline power pouch and belt from empowerment 33, and I gotta say ... this thing is freaking me out! Like SERIOUSLY!!!

First off ... this is what it looks like, and how I wear it ...


It fits under my clothes, and honestly feels no different than rocking a mic pack. It's super light weight, doesn't get in my way ... I honestly forget about it after a while - it just sort of becomes a part of you.

I'm not even kidding though, I know I mentioned this to a few of you that reached out asking about it - within TWENTY FOUR HOURS, I felt it working. And it's not even a "feeling" in a traditional sensory manner, it's more energy based (I know, Ize bez a rocket scientist haha) - but SERIOUSLY!!!

I can FEEL this thing getting warm without the pack, or my shirt feeling warm. It's literally increasing my body temperature, and come to think of it, I should prolly get a thermometer to test that out .... hmmmmmm to the google!

It's weird - and I know for an ABSOLUTE fact that it's not a placebo effect. I'm being INCREDIBLY conscious about not getting too excited over this thing, and staying as neutral as possible, just merely experiencing.

It totes freaks me out writing that, btw. I put in my agreement with the duderino when I first signed up for this project that I had to be 100% honest at ALL costs!! I'm a total skeptic when it comes to these things.

Dudes, I put this thing in my little pillow at night for the first 2 nights, and that thing WOKE ME UP!!! It just sort of jolts you energetically. It's not like a surge that you get from a caffeine rush, it's more mental. It is making me alarmingly clear, and I dunno ... just centered.

My energy has been at a 7 all week (on a scale of 1-10 ... 1 being comatose, 10 being a mexican jumping bean on speed), and even when I took it off to give myself a rest on Sunday, I still felt refreshed and clear.

I can totally see myself wearing something like this periodically just to cleanse out my energy field. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Cannot believe I am even typing that - for REALS!!!!

Alrite, so it's definitely working ... but let's see if it can stay this way!!! I'm curious now if the effect will eventually wear off; I can't consistently stay this clear with my lifestyle. For reals - I am a whackadoodle noodle, the high can't last. No way Jose!


Come on guys, who let Jose in? SERIOUSLY!! What is WITH the door policy? Ugh! #fail

Stay tuned!!! =) BAHHH!!! I am so so so so so curious to find out, but until then I am enjoying rocking the mighty morphin power ranger pack!! hahahahaha you guys are high-larious. You all commented the same thing on it. It's funny the peeps designing it had no idea.

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Jen Friel - Los Angeles CA USA Part 3

#YouCanDoIt: 30 Day Challenge Rockin a Crystalline Power Pouch and Belt (Fourth week)

A hoi hoi nerderinos ... looky looky what I'm still rockin ...

Yep, it's my crystalline power pouch and belt from Empowerment 33. HAHAHA omg I totes feel like a power ranger in this thing. AH-MAZINNGGGGG!!!

But seriously, the 30 days are almost up, and this thing creeps me out - hahaha it works, man. I'm going to write up a thesis on my findings after Friday when the 30 days are officially over ... but mannnnn, I was so so so so so so not a believer in these things. Thought they were all a bunch of hooey pooey. Yes, you read that right - hooey ... pooey.

I was proven wrong. AHHHH!!! I love love love it when that happens!!! =)

It centers me for lack of a better word. I don't notice it as much as when I first started wearing it three weeks ago ... ex. it doesn't feel as hot after a while - but it's definitely working.

I found out too this weekend that apparently as long as you show this lil thang a lotta love it won't need to be re-charged or anything. Its yours for life. Again that trips me out, since I can't wrap my brain around it ... but it's energy based, and we're energy beings. Makes sense.

No joke guys, I have no stake in these duderinos, nor am I getting a commission or anything - this thing really. really. really. does work and look super freaking nerdy!!! hahahaha


I'll formally write something up this week, but I'm super excited that I was so skeptical coming into this experiment. I totally thought these things were a bunch of BS - and who knows, maybe for some they are - but I can say without a SHADDOOWWWW of a doubt that the crystalline power pouch works.

Like without a SHAAADOOOWWWWWW of a doubt.

All you need to know is your sign and what color you'd like, and boom! You can check 'em out over yonder.

I have the black belt because I've always wanted a black belt. It makes me feel like an expert in the ancient art of Ka-R-ate.

If you get one, lemme know!!! I wanna know if you have similar findings.

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Jen Friel - Los Angeles CA USA Final

#YouCanDoIt: 30 Day Challenge Rockin a Crystalline Power Pouch and Belt

AHH yes ... the Crystalline power pouch and belt ...

... my 30 days are officially up, and it totes doesn't suck.

For reals!

I made sure I put in the agreement with the duderino before I started the experiment that he had to know I would be 100% honest. Basically, he could have paid me for some bad PR, but he said he believed very much in it, so I believed in his belief and at least took 'em on to see what would happen.

Like I've said in previous posts, the result was pretty immediate - LITERALLY the first day, and really even just the first few hours, I could feel something different. I wasn't sure how to articulate it, but I could just feel heat coming from the thing. Then, on the first night, I actually fell asleep in it - and the friggen thing WOKE.ME.UP!!

Dudes, I slept in my car in Venice and this little pouchie thing woke me up?? CRAZY!!

The feeling of heat continued for the first two weeks, and then the last two weeks (I'm assuming because my magnetic field in and of itself changed) - I barely noticed it.

I can't speak for all power pouches, or all energy bracelets - whatever ... but this one definitely worked. It "centered" me for lack of a better word. I just felt like my brain was able to process things easier, and it without a doubt gave me a ton more energy.

I'm not mad at it. I entered this thing with a pretty neutral mind just wanting to explore out of curiosity and left a believer that holy moly roli poli oli - this shit works!!

You need to know your astrological sign before you purchase, and also consider whatever color you want (black and white are available ... I had black). You can find out more info on the belt here. Totally check it out, man. I gave it to 4 of my friends as well, and they all said the same thing - it definitely works.

Well, they said that it worked, and they dug looking like a power ranger ... hahahaaha!!! =)

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Stay Tuned More Coming Soon :)