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“ I feel many of us are going through the same revelations daily and, nightly. Thanks to Facebook we can all see how parallel we are in our journey.

Can we be in for a new wave of energy before the year's end? I feel it is true, I can certainly say that the transition of 2012 is coming to a close and the “aurora” of this new and very thick energy we are ushered with, is making its way into every nook and cranny of our life.

This message is different for me because it talks about me and honestly, I still feel uncomfortable about it but hey, Paul Mccartney said “Let it Be”? so I am letting it


I hope the words will touch you the same they did for me, especially the delivery room. Every time I am given this reminder, it hits a very special spot in me. I cant describe it, so again I hope it will take you there as well.


With Great and Unconditional Love”
Eddie BenAbraham NT

“The Birth Of Love”

Kryon - As Channeled by Eddie BenAbraham NT on 9-15-2013


Greetings dear ones I am Kryon of magnetic service….


So once again our partner chooses this method of channeling, it comes natural to him and it is appropriate. Speaking our message, is still a challenge for him. He attempted and practiced voicing in real time but he did not like it so much (laughter)....


For one who is so used to writing his channels, it is a tough transition. He did it before, two lifetimes ago and he is doing it again this time around, only that this time, he is able to do it without the need for isolation nor a mind that is designed to cope with incompatibility of energy. We will get back to that life time of his in a moment.


Consciously he is aware of two of his past lifetimes, it was a process that took him three years to discover and get comfortable with. He received nudges and help from those who led him towards that awareness. It was not they who came to show him who he was, but rather, provided him with a conformations which he needed to hear. Discovering the links and similarities between each lifetime came fast and offered him the revelation of what it means to live on mother earth for so many thousands of years.


Our partner has had great resistance in sharing this information because he felt, it was ego based and it will serve no purpose. It will turn heads and roll eyes with those who will read this message but we insisted and as he came to realize, it is necessary and appropriate because it is a message that is given in love and with a purpose.


So why did we ask him to speak about his experience? It is very simple, this process is one which can be achieved using different ways to reach the same outcome. Many are already in the process of revealing parts of themselves related to past lives and many more are going to follow.
It is part of the new tools which are available for all to use and implement with greater intensity as we move forward in time.


To many, this message will ring true, because when your own intuition is involved the outcome will allow you to reach your own state of heightened self awareness. The process of discovering the basic knowingness which says that you are eternal in both past and future is available and ready to be explored by each and every one of you.
Channeling is a natural process which has been part of you since you took your first body on earth some 200 thousand years ago and since then, you have implemented the channeling link in many different ways.


Penetrating The Veil

Our partner uses coffee grounds to penetrate the veil for those who come before him for advice, and it works! do you know why? because it is channeling with the implementation of a quantum process that is so profound and yet so misunderstood. It is very simple dear ones, the mechanics are the same as as taking a picture with your camera. The energy of a person is applied onto the grains of the coffee using the connection between body intelligence, higher self and the future potentials at a specific moment in time. The messages come in two fold arrangement, the coffee reader views the shapes created in the cup and the intuition kicks in to apply the details of those unique graphics. This has been done for thousands of years and and with materials other than coffee, the science is the same and can be applied using many other models.


Learning both channeling methods, has enabled him a connection to the things unseen and has slowly become comfortable with it. Eliminating the blocks of his intellect took time and guess what, he is still working on it. He keeps asking us why is it so difficult to speak? and we say again and again it is all about practice. After all, the written channels flow easily, with no interruption in fact the only interruptions he gets are of his daily duties. He must stop attend the needs of his children and then get back to exactly where he left off, as if he never left the his chair.


This is available for each and every soul on this planet and with many other forms of expression dear ones, don't get us wrong when we say that the process of channeling; is as diverse as your imagination can be, because it is.


Two life times ago our partner arrived with the potential to gift the world with important tools and he fulfilled his contract but, not without sacrifice. He knows now that it was necessary in order to fulfil his job. Even then during that lifetime, it was given to him during his channeling, that his lifetime is not an ordinary one, he dismissed those messages because he was not willing to accept any alternate possibility, he loved who he was and he stuck to his guns. Our partner honors that life in his name and now he feels comfortable talking about it. You can still see him during that lifetime in pictures, sitting and writing his channeled ideas in his laboratory surrounded by his contraptions.


Because of the way he was born and weird then, he was able to bring in information which was beyond his time in order to provide the world with the tools that would make the evolvement of the human race an easier one. The next time he arrived, he spent time to clear some of the fabrics of energy which have overwhelmed him in the previous life. And here is another part which he revealed, it has brought tears to his eyes and provided him with a profound understanding of how things work, he discovered that he was a childhood friend to his current Father.


Now we ask you dear ones, what does this tell you about your life and the possibilities of the connections you share this time, who are the ones you shared recent lifetimes? Can you try to imagine the simplicity of such a magnificent system? Can you feel the love of god in a process that is so profound. Can you grasp the possibility that your child today was your first grade buddy? or your daughter, that was your neighborhood friend whom you played with hide and seek?
And what about the lifetime before that?! and before …………… do you see where this is going dear ones? You Are Infinite! you are eternal in both past, present and future Now! go and ask your child “What was your name before you arrived?” and if things are aligned, they will tell you... “grandma” “dad”.


Where there is God’s Love, there is You and You, are always, always on track!


Falling In Love

Your cellular structure is making great leaps to adjust to the new energy of 2014. Transitioning into this thick and unfamiliar territory requires you to do thing in a way that only scriptures describe.

We wish to examine a subject with you dear ones, it is about the love you have for yourself.
The reason is that you will only make things harder for yourself if you miss this part so, pay attention dear ones.
We speak of this again and again through our partner and through all other Kyron's, it is very very important.
Falling In Love With Yourself is a journey to a degree of awareness which only the masters have reached. Such a journey, takes time and work and it is not a normal or traditional thing to go through because, you have been taught to do just the opposite. The masters of the past are in you and this simply means that you have more than what it takes to reach to what they have and beyond.


So we would like to take you on a voyage, a voyage in time which is not too distant. To begin our story, we would like you to take a deep breathe and join us to a place you call the delivery room. In it, doctors, nurses, some electronic instruments of the time, a bed and on the bed, there is a mother who is about to deliver a fresh old soul. This mother is giving birth to her firstborn, she has prepared herself with passion for this moment, she wants to be a great mother and she knows she will.


The room is filled with voices of the support team and the mother who is in pain. She is now ready, ready to give birth after hours of exhausting labor.
The baby is ready to leave the temporary room of creation and arrive at another familiar place, the arms of mother.
Let's pause here for a moment and try to describe what is going on on the other side of the veil. Thousands are working endlessly to align the energy on the other side so that the mother , baby and all involved are doing all they are supposed to do by agreement. This is more than work dear ones, this is a jubilation of immense proportions. A celebration you can't possibly imagine in 3D and it is all happening now.


Contractions are increasing dramatically and the doctor is rushed back in the room, the mother is in agonizing pain pushes and pushes more listening to the her doctor’s instructions. The head is peaking the mother is in even more pain now, she is gathering all that she has left to make the final push....…then..…...a baby’s cry is filling the room the mother is in tears of joy, a feeling no one can possibly describe….. her new bundle of joy is placed on her chest and she is crying! looking at what she has created, feeling the love of god in the most absolute enormity that any human can sustain….


do you know who is this child? Do you ! ?


It is- YOU!


Now we challenge you! Go to the mirror and look directly into those amazing eyes of yours and say; “I love you” the same way a mother loves, Unconditional Love in its purest form. Can you? will you dare to take this step and profoundly change each and every cell of your body forever?


Dear ones we are not going to make this complicated, we would like to keep it simple, because it is. Some limiting beliefs from this lifetime and past lifetime will get in the way no doubt however, taking the first step places you on a path to seeing and experiencing the god in you.


Dear human being, the year you are currently in is not one you can describe as normal and nor will the following years however, there is one thing in common and that is, that each and every one of you is becoming aware of who you really are, we ask that you have patience, take one day at time, trust! the process. You never have to deal with old energy again so stop trying to live in past energy stamps. Allow the new to usher in, so you can feel the love of god flowing out of you and feel the love for each and everyone around you. Some of you may say “how can we love all, I don't know them? How much love can I possibly have that I can give?” Here is the key loved ones….when you fall in love with yourself, you become aware of god within and god, in everyone and everything around you.


The Love of God, pure and unconditional, is You!.


We have said much and yet our partner feels as if this is not enough, we laugh every time he says that. The words are channeled and the message is appropriate and accurate every time.


Dear ones, we are in awe to see where you have arrived and what is coming.
We honor your work and are in love with you dearly.
And so it is……….



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