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"So many things are going on at the same time it just blows me away, I feel as if the moment I put the words into text, they are already part of the faraway past. It has been a while since my last channel and it is all for a good reason, I feel the will to share this with you because you are part of me and you deserve to know what is going on behind the words you read.


So today is May 22nd 2013 and for some reason this date was edged into my head a few weeks ago, for me the day is not over yet. However, things are already starting to show signs of one of the biggest shifts we have ever experienced that is maturing and is crossing a threshold today.


For the last 2 months many have been getting this new strange feeling of being aware of something new that is brewing, something unexplainable that needs more time to mature so it can be put into some kind of context, so our logical part can feel comfortable but, the opposite thing felt the best course of action and that is to simply allow and trust.


The intellect is getting used to the subtleness and with this beingness and as a result new things emerge.


There is so much excitement in the air I cannot describe it and more over I get to share with you some amazing things Kryon has delivered to us.


With Great and Unconditional Love
Eddie BenAbraham NT


“Gravitational Resonance”

Kryon - As Channeled by Eddie BenAbraham NT on 5-18-2013


Greetings dear ones I am Kryon of magnetic service...


There is so much in this moment we wish to express and deliver however, it must be transformed into a linear form of communication and thus, the message becomes spread out over many moment and words that our partner will deliver to you in the way you are already accustomed to. This is not all dear one, your presence in these words allows us to speak to you on a quantum level which enables us, to settle in the energy which you are allowing by design and with absolute permission of your higher self. A true partnership of love.


Before we move together in this cosmic connection, we would like to sit beside you and show you the immense love we have brought into your field. This is a feeling, you would carry on your shoulders, so that you remember this timeless connection of spirit and human. This is a connection which has been here, forever.


Channelling is a unique process of making that which you would call spirit essence coming through a portal that is quantum, along with agreement between your higher self and spirit, you bring through a message that your intellect can understand but not without the needed balance of your heart. It is here, it is knowing that the energy transmitted and the words spoken are true and they are none other than that of God's truth.

The transitions within ones cellular structure, are noted with many types of symptoms. Some are noticeable with great influence over your biology and intellect and some, are subtle. It is not uncommon to have a shift of energy with physical side effects but, of course you already know that, so , what is it we are trying to say.... many are and have been, under a re-structural alignment process. This has been going on for some time now and each of you are aware of what we are talking about. You each are traveling a path in which you have allowed and gave your intent to put in place, a process, which you are now learning to settle into and grasp. It is new and unfamiliar to you, you are learning of a new way of experiencing life on Gaia. Now how exciting does this sound dear one, do you feel the energy of something new making its presence known? Do you see how you are now able to find yourself in premonitions and or nightly dreams, that project an intense feeling of peace.... a form of godly calmness regardless of how the situation around you might seem to be? this is the new you, this is the new human master walking tall with a soul confidence that says “I live a life of absolute trust in my power, I am love and all around me is love therefore I am aware of the God within me” now we ask you oh mighty one.....what kind of a reality are you going to create?

In 2012 we spoke about the transitional period which was going to take place in the middle of the year and today, we wish to meet you on the opposite side of this transition. The field you call duality is collapsing right in front of you and you are feeling every bit of it with each and every cell in your body. It wakes you from your sleep at night and it is making you feel queasy in your midsection, it is the removal of the 3rd dimensional properties, which you have for so long used as your counterpart. Today we are here to let you know that your are no longer in need of that energy and it is ok to let go.


With a formidable resistance and fear, the old has and will show its unwillingness to let go. As you will observe those events unfold with greater intensity in the coming days and weeks, you will learn to identify them to be just as they are which is the old energy matrix of duality starving to stay afloat.


Regions with an already elevated strain, will buckle, other locations with those lingering fields of imbalance will make headlines. Humans are feeling the strain and those on the cusp of the etheric realm which feed on the energy of those who negate love, are fearing as well. It is making some that are close to you, behave in ways you do not expect and we say to you lightworker....shine your light! your light is the most powerful tool you have at your disposal, it is not only your light of love that makes a clearing and frees those entangled, but your connection to the truth is what makes your presence ever so powerful.


We say this because there are many of you experiencing odd situations with those around you and you feel as if they are not the ones you used to knew, all of the sudden their character has shifted and you have no idea how to cope with their unwillingness to play the game nicely. This will not continue for long dear ones, it is only part of the transition which is intended to relinquish all those energies of the past. Those aspects of the 3rd dimension are fading by default and letting go is not on their agenda, be sure dear ones, that light, will always shine darkness away.


The middle of the shift has passed its mark and we are now entering the stage of implementation of the new reality, it is here, it is ready and it is so profound. Your logic is having trouble with it and for a very good reason. The more quantum you become, the more illogic things will seem. We spoke of this before and we speak about it again, your mind will try to trick you and try to resist an energy that is unexplainable. It is becoming more intense and it is making every bit of effort to let you know it is here, it is getting more powerful and it is going to change everything you ever knew about how life can be lived on Gaia.


More profound than anything you thought possible and on more instances than ever before, it is hinting you by turning your attention to the 11;11 on your clock. waking you up to 3;33. Why and how is it possible that you see such numbers again and again at such higher frequency? Don't you think this is odd, don't you think this is strange? how is it possible that you would see 4;44 on your clock your car stereo, three, four or even five times a day? don't you think this is a strong enough nudge to tell you something big is going on with you and everything around you?


Your DNA is changing and your quantum field is responding, you are right there on your bed in the middle of the night sitting, turning your head to the clock and yet again, what do you see dear human? 2;22 - 4;44 - 5;55 …...... you must let go of your logical drive to explain how this is possible, because you can't, not logically at least. Multidimensionality does not live in logic, it does not feed on the same metrics, your life has changed forever and it will no longer obey the same rules you were so used to.... get over it!


Are you getting this message sweet one? your multidimensional self is calling you, it is looking for your partnership in making the unthinkable in a place where you need to trust in a process you are so ready for, it is calling you again and again.
By the way dear human have you noticed a new set of numbers making way to say hello? 7;33 6;33 9;33 5;33? ever thought what those are? well, we will tell you dear one...... your DNA is asking for permission for mastery... your DNA is communicating directly with you to produce a viable energy for your transition. How can we say it more clearly sweet one?
The days are gone where you had to try to figure things out, now things will show you ways to where you synchronistically and intuitively walk this planet, Gaia knows it and now you know it too. You have a partner that is going through the same process, oh this is so profound dear one this has ascension written all over it and you are all on the path to claiming your right.


It took almost a year to come out of the so called “Null Zone”, your solar system is now traveling at about 10,000mps (miles per second) towards the center of your galaxy. You have taken a turn around the bend at the edge of your 26000 year transition, now, you are on the path of divine expansion. The course is set and the outcome is there with strong potentials in making this planet the central hub for many brothers and sister across so many galaxies. The day will come but it will take time, time in which you will learn and grow to find God within. We are planting seeds today sweet one, because the potentials are there and coming to realize that you are part of a bigger family, than you ever thought possible, is important.


Travelling in this trajectory effects your biology, cellular structure, your planet, sun, moon and all the rest of the solar system family. We spoke before about Gravitational Resonance, we did not speak much about it and now our partner is ready for what we are about to say.


The pulsation of a magnetic field of any planet or sun creates a frequency, it is very similar to that of light and sound. It is unique to each and every planet and or sun which is carrying its own spectrum of gravitational frequencies. Your science is able to detect the direction of a moving planet by using a chromatic light variance tool which allows to detect which are moving away or towards you. Your solar system has transmitted one spectrum of gravitational frequency as it was moving away from the center of your galaxy and now, after passing the 2012 transition, you are all vibrating with a new spectrum.


Planet Earth has been generating complex gravitational turbulences which to science will seem out of control and out of order, however we say it is not, those winds of gravity shifting and maneuvering out from the core and outwards into space are all perfectly designed with quantumness written all over them. They are part of what makes everything work in such balance, it what makes your existence possible and it is what you make possible. Now that is tricky isn't it, where do you come in, in all this you are asking.... there is a communication field so grand and precise in its profundity you are just beginning to realize of its connection to you. It is a field we would like to describe as the unification of communication between your gravitational intelligence and Gaia’s gravitational intelligence, talking with each other and co-creating the reality of balance you see around you. It goes deeper than this dear one, it is part of your akash, it is part of your constant intention to drive your consciousness higher and higher. It is the momentum force behind the very beginning of the first thought of what you could call the time before a big bang.


The process on Gaia is simple, gravity is acting differently, it is shifting and you are doing the same in ways not possible during your previous heading. It is profound it is new it is real and you are now getting to know your new resonance. This! dear one is beyond anything we can describe to you at this time, this is what we were waiting for, this is so profound and was only possible through your work........ proud we are of God pretending to be a human.


Your sun began and will continue to behave in ways you have not seen before in your recorded history, it will profoundly offer new and exciting scales of light never detected before. It is becoming a more gentler sun, it will do it over time, however soon you will see the effects.
The energy transmitted from your sun is one for you to enjoy and immerse yourself in, as it will help you balance the work you do and, it will help anchor the anomalies in the gravitational spectrums of planet earth. Gaia is transitioning with you into a time where you work together and make gravitational adjustments for the benefit of all.
Now you may say “this sounds a bit far out of the scope of what I can understand” we say, that is okay because it is not something you have not done before, you will simply be doing it with a clearer communication to Gaia. It is a partnership it is a union, it is love.


Your ability to transition the frequency of your thoughts is well known to you, did you know that it also affects your relationship to gravity and thus cause a shift in the gravitational resonance which can effect matter?. Jesus was well aware of this, how do you think he was able to walk on water. Now isn't that profound dear human angle.... to know that you're in charge of your surroundings and how they relate to you. Shifting your points of energy which are in charge of your merkaba field, cause your cells to vibrate at a modified frequency, thus creating a resonance that enables you to walk on a surface which carries a gravitational frequency that has more “density”.


Show us a master that was not aware of this relationship, they all knew of the love and partnership we carry with Gaia, this partnership is not a day old, no, it has been here for billions of years, you are now in the position to remember, Gaia is here to tell you all about it......


Dear one, your relationship to your self is changing, you are softening the fields around you, so you can fit into this wave of new era. We ask you to trust the process, we know it is not easy however, it is achievable. Such process was done on a large scale once before, it was during the great exodus of the Israelites from Egypt some 2000 years ago. There was a process put in place, so that the information could be delivered to those who carry the energy and the knowing.
In the desert they walked for 40 years and every morning, God provided them with food and these instructions; take only what you need for that day.. Now, think about this, what do you think happened to each and every soul during those 40 years of travel? Trusting that sustenance is provided by an agreement made with the God within and thereby, shedding away the need to process any thought of worry or concern about survival.

How many of you wake up in the morning and say God! where am I going to pay for my food tomorrow or better yet today? Then you are given this simple message “take one day at the time and you shall be provided” the profundity of such process is yet to be realized it is not easy to grasp it all at once however, time will allow your inner trust to learn and grow bringing you to a place of complete trust, slowly, one by one you will soften your old beliefs and slowly make love of the god within a realization that we are so eager to see you shining.


It is all we ask, trust your power, trust in knowing that you cannot fail, you are free of all the limitations of the past, stand tall and take a big breath of fresh air light and gravity, because you know that you are one with every single part of this big universe and it is calling you to join the soup of self awareness.


I am kryon, I love you so dearly
And so it is



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