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Your Grand Creation

Your Grand Creation

Channeled 6-23-12


Greetings sweet ones we are the E and are at your service

And so it is now known that it will not be as it was told by your scriptures, it is not the way in which you have been expecting, even when you were already becoming aware of the shift.

Not only we are so much more connected with you but you have managed to take this transition time and uplift all the possibilities into a wave of a new reality. One which will not even come close to what you have foreseen a couple of months ago. It is with love of the God within you which have been able to make all that was to be and with one swing of the intention wand you have done something we were not expecting to come in so seen.

your evolutional stepping stones are not stepped one by one but rather 3,5 or even 7 steps at once.....Imagine the pride when your child begins to write the first letters in the alphabet and then read the first word... do you recall the overwhelming joy and the amount of pride that goes through your every cell? well how about same only a 100 times more, this is how we feel sweet ones. It is beyond measure, beyond comprehension, we would love to show you a glimpse of what is going on around you but we cannot. It would ruin the whole game.

Creating 2013

So much more is on your path sweet houman angel, it is your path to the life you have been planning and working towards for many lifetimes. Do you really think it is only about this one year? do you really think it is all about this middle year? hardly! so what do you think you will create when this year comes to an end?

2013 is not a year many talk about, there's so much spiritual and emotional anxiety that makes your vision cluttered with thoughts which alter your perception.So what is it will you create? We ask, could it be that you will wake on the first day of the new year and say “Now what?! What about all that time we made for ourselves to think and create a better 2012? were we so consumed with anxiety that we couldn't even conceive of the possibility that there is so much more afterwards?”

Sweet ones, you are the only architect of your game.

We cannot tell you what to do, think, believe, or feel.

Your entire existence is not only what you see in the mirror every morning..... it started billions of years ago. It was your detailed plan which created every grain of sand on the mother you so dearly love, Gaia is as every bit you! just as you are Gaia. It is grand and magical, it is your history together that brings life to each and every living thing on this planet of free choice.

Many of you are going to ask the question “well then how come we are not getting what we want and why is there so much suffering around?” We would like to answer this question with very little words, only because it is very simple; It is all this way because......It is by your design.

Power Of Creation

Time and again we see you go back and say in a very 3 dimensional thinking “Why god is not answering to the outcry of those in pain and suffering?” Could it be that god is the one who put herself/himself in that position?

Your level of interaction with the reality created around you, is being discovered and understood more and more, even by your scientists. Soon you will see the stream of esoteric way of thinking becoming one with that of traditional science. Many answers to questions about science are being discovered now and yet these discoveries are the same information as talked about a few years back. The same information brought forth by those who channle us from the other side, the same way our speaker is doing right now.It is not a far future where you will relocate your perception into the that which is the architect of life itself.

The power of creation is within you, it is your core. Even before the very moment you take your first breath, you are part of a plan you designed for yourself. Is it that hard to believe? why do you think some are not ready to understand such truth? is it because they cannot grasp it or afraid of it?The answer is, because their potential lies within the set of possibilities they have designed for themselves. That is sweet ones is the secret of life.

The Mantel Grid

We spoke before about the Mantel Grid and we would like to talk about it again.What we said before is that it has been in the works for some time now, it is not the crystalline grid surrounding Gaia, but the type of grid you each are able to own. It is very large to conceive at first however, with practice and time you will be able to have this personal grid your most valuable energy structure outside your Merkaba.

The Mantel Grid is a structure of energy about 300 meters around you with an energetic lattice composed specifically to your uniqueness. For many, this grid has already become known as something lurking between them and the crystalline grid. This understanding very accurate, it is the bodiedness of the new type of light you are emanating, it is the field in which you are becoming more accustomed to and connected to.

So what is its job you say, since you already have the electromagnetic field of your DNA active and spinning at the rate of a human angle then why do we need another field and so big? The keyword is communication, the Mantel Grid is your “Radio Receiver Transmitter” to the crystalline grid which is already in advanced stages of completion.

Communication with Gaia’s crystalline grid requires a tool with the same resonance and adaptability. it is your inner wisdom of many lifetimes waiting to be tapped into and with this additional tool your connection will be seamless.

So why do we bring this subject at this time? it is because many are ready to activate their Mantel Grid and take part in the transformation of the next wave of evolution. As you move into the 2013 energy you will start to implement the connection you have been working to establish using the Mantel Grid. Not everyone will choose to house this grid, it is part of the plan you have set yourself with as the architect of life.

The communication will bring forth new information, healing modalities and much more to share with all. Your path is ready to be constructed and it is in your hand to begin contemplating your choice of heaven on earth for 2013 and beyond.

With love that there is no way to describe we end this message for now....
The “E”




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