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Unified Field of Time

Unified Field of Time

The “E” as channelled by Eddie BenAbraham NT on Sept 9th 2012


Greetings dear ones we are the E and are at your service...


Time is no longer the the medium you are used to, it is no longer the balancing factor within your everyday life instead, it is now your multidimensionality which controls your perception of time and thus enables ballance.


Looking into the portal of expressions, you are living and breathing the momentary laps of fragments you are used to call seconds and minutes. Time has not lost its job as a reflection of consciousness, it always has and always will be that which you will call the keeper of balance.


So long it has been since a shift in your time has occurred in such magnitude, the last time it did was 40,000 years ago at the point of one of the consciousness shifts in Lumeria. Things were not exactly the same as they are now, it was a shift which had to be put in place to overcome a leap in the advancement which could have had an imbalancing effect had time was not shifted the way it did.


Your clocks will not show the difference however, your relation to the rest of the universe will be redefined. Your science will identify a new understanding about how the universe works because “your” time is now more aligned with the center of your galaxy. It will be identified as the “Universal Infraction” science is learning the how to observe the new field they are seeing, it will take time to learn about this new arrangement.


Dear ones, you are watching the events unfold and you understand your part in the bigger picture, you can feel the level of compassion increasing to a point where your light will finally break through and bring about the shift you have been waiting for. Now we say, time is in your hands, time is no longer a wild chase after a rabbit, no! you are the time masters. Each and every one of you experience time differently, each one of you experience your reflection of the time which is based on your own choices. Now there is a new plainfield you are ready to participate in and that is the Unified Field of Time.


Unification of perception of time is what we are talking about, it is a unification of your perception, your love , your compassion, your version of heaven on earth which all come to one point and share the exact same future with all the other lightworkers on earth. The Unified Field of Time is the umbilical cord of the Crystalline Grid surrounding your planet, it is the last part you have been waiting for in order to begin your transition beyond the middle point.


The past is now at your fingertips to make the changes you so longed for, your new relation to time is the catalyst for your new future. As time goes forward your multidimensionality will anchor itself firmly in the fabric of your experiences, enabling access to points in time related to past experiences, which have an effect on things you thought are not changeable. This will allow you to trigger the shift you choose to create in the past, based on the way you wish to see your future unfold.


Exciting times are here and we are so proud of you, no words can express the magnitude of what you have created. It will take years for you to see for yourself, how you changed history into a bright future.


We would like to speak of another magnificent thing that is taking place now, it has to do with your body. For years your cellular structure has been shifting, it has enabled many symptoms to take place as these shifts were created based on your leap in consciousness. Many things around you have contributed to your rapid change such as your planet, sun, surrounding planets and so on. Now, there is an alignment taking place as you come face to face with the center of your galaxy. This alignment is bringing forward the leap in your physical body, it is creating a portal which shouts balance as it is in the central point.


Dear human this is not something that will be ignored, this will baffle doctors as your DNA will be aligned with your consciousness and your merkaba, bringing forward healing in ways that they will not have words to explain. Look for this, it is already happening, although on a small scale however it will soon grow.


Resonance of the new human is creating a “buzz” around the universe, you are emanating beacons of light which are spotted much further than you know. Your single sun solar system used to hide you well however, it is no longer the case. You are now glowing like a lamppost in the middle of an empty dark courtyard and your neighbors are paying attention with glamorous excitement.


Gaia is signaling additional shifts are ahead, much will take place in order to have the new support system put in place. A new era is upon you and for that you must have a new and better sustenance resources to allow future generations to prosper with abundance. You are now more connected than you were for a very long time, to the fabric of life and the energy of the mother. It is your love and your intention for living life in harmony which acts as the catalyst for such path and eventual outcome. Your future lays in your hands now more than it did even a month ago, your responsibility as a creator is growing exponentially to places you are learning to assimilate in your daily life.


Our message today is one of love and gratitude for the work you are doing, it would not be possible without your courage and your intent to make your version of heaven on earth a reality on your planet. Mother earth is holding you close with her nurturing love and tremendous pride, your connection to mother is by all aspects oneness.


We love you dearly and ask of you to take time into your hands and have fun with it.

And so it is
The “E”



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