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The Blood of Love

The Blood of Love

Channelled 2-4-12


Greetings sweet ones we are the “E” and are at your service


Bound is the time to be elevated, in the uniqueness of transformation you are all creating as you walk forward in your reality. We are here again to manifest the answers you have on your hearts and minds which are at the ready to be fulfilled.

Making each and every part of your day the true magnificence that you are, we now immerse you unconditionally with the “shape” of love.


Love is the energy which fulfils each and every part of all realities, dimensions and spectrums in the entire universe. It is one, it is real and it flows through each beat of your heart. We don’t mean that poetically but in all its truthfulness.
New information has become available to you recently about your heart and we would like to add another flavor to this “dish”, it will allow new prospective and offer the connection of ones feelings to the way things work.


Set yourself within the confines of a singular blood cell, it is moving throughout your body and makes it all come to a oneness by delivering the precious oxygen to each part of your amazing vehicle. A blood cell has the color red because of the iron rich silica it owns, these are the two ingredients we wish to talk about and their part in making your physical body one with the Love of God.


Every part in our universe consists of an element of resonance, resonance allows communication, it allows eternal bond between you and the farthest part of the universe. It is the universal stream in which love communicates through, our words may reflect a distinct separation between resonance and love but there is none, they are of one source united.


Each and every part of your human biology reflects a specific resonance spectrum. The spectrum is divided into 12 distinct vibrations and each of these vibrations carry 144 sub frequencies allowing the communication of resonance to be of magnificent characteristics. You each have a unique sequence of vibratory resonance identifying you and only you, part of these vibrations and sub frequencies are changeable temporarily or permanently. Such shifts in resonance are the result of a shift in emotions and consciousness.


So we have the blood with its iron and silica which is a form of a crystal, and then we talked about resonance. Now we will talk about the third part which brings these all together and that is the Human Heart.

In simple terms it is a pump, it pumps fluid from point to the other but it is more then just that. The heart beats at a rate range which resonates at a point which entire human race commonly reside in. It is directly related to the level of consciousness the entire planet is at.
The heart is the engine and the carrier of the reality you create for your self each and every moment you reside in biology. It is the first thing that develops when you begin your journey; it is your 2 way radio to all that is.

Is it not amazing beloved human angels of love?


The inner walls of the heart’s chambers are of embryonic origin and they are of the same construct as the walls of your blood cells, do you see where this is going?

You have an engine of resonance beating at a specific rate, transmitting the precise frequency you own into the crystalline and alkaline part of your blood.


We have just described how you receive new instructions into your DNA.


We said it is a “two way radio” and it is so, because you see your choices, your feelings, your thoughts of every moment in this elaborate game you call life, is transmitted back to God through the inner walls of your heart. Did you say you want to talk to God? You are doing it every microsecond of your day! It is there, it is unbreakable, it is yours!


Do you feel pain when your heart is broken? Yes, it is so painful. Do you know why? Because you try to stop the conversation with the rest of the universe and it is not possible. You “fall” in love, you feel your immense power at your fingertips and you are connected with God. Then something happens and this “falling” part seems to have reached a place you no longer at your power, sad, confused, you don’t eat, drink or speak. We are there with you, you know, every moment holding you with our wings, keeping you warm at your heart.


Magnificent you are! you cannot hide from this fact no matter how “small” you try to make your world. You can’t hide from God or all that you are.


Unconditional love carries a vibration of home it is balanced, it is with in you, it is your new planet’s color of resonance. It all starts with compassion and the level of compassion is rising daily as you are experiencing the events put forward. Your inner wisdom is shining stronger, it is emanating a new vibration and God is listening.


The external influences such as Gaia and your sun Hama, engulfs you with magnetic instructions daily and that too makes its way through your heart.

Into your cells it goes providing you with the tools you requested, it is all by design, your design.


With unconditional love we ask of you to make room in your heart for what lays ahead.

The “E”




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