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Quantum Living - Part 2

Quantum Living - Part 2

Channelled 7-12-2012

Greetings dear ones we are The “E” and are at your service....


And so comes the time when you feel the threshold is coming closer and closer , the tension which has been building up into a “cross roads” is no longer there. It is only a path with a straight line towards the horizon leading to an undiscovered future. This unknown is one which you have been asking us about “where is this leading us to?”


Oh sweet ones this is not a follow the leader game where you give your power away to one which is supposedly the “true leader”, this is a game of inner trust and self discovery. You are in the field of the quickening, it is the field of Quantumness, it is where Goddess/God resides.... allow us to try and make things a bit more clear for you. You are the ones who carry the “torch”, the “controls”. You are the ones writing each step of the way ahead and yet you are surprised you are not able to see what is coming? are you able to grasp the power you hold within, master human angel?


Sweet ones there is not one God/Goddess particle in this universe that is not aware of your magnificence. You make this look all too easy from this side of the veil however, it is not the way you see things from your point of preception.... it is normal, it is part of your old filtering mechanism that prevents you from seeing the truth. Our love to you is bound by only one thing, the walls of resistance you build around you from feeling the wholeness you long to express from within.


The information that is being delivered to earth at this time, is not comprehensible by your conscious mind. There is more to it then what meets the eyes of the one using your telescopes and computers. The level of anticipation for this shift is growing into a fair level of anxiety.


The New state


We would like you to make way for a new “emotional state”, a new emotional way of living within the confines of such a bubble of your own reality, it is not one which you will imagine to live in but, actually reside-in instead. This new emotional state we will call The Gratified state, the same way you find yourself to be happy or sad from an outside event you experience, the Gratified state is a result of one which comes from experiences or events you draw from within.


Your conscious decisions mean much to your behavioral pattern on any given time period, and such decisions on many occasions are a result of something that someone said or something you heard or viewed. The challenge is to make way for your inner source to surface and allow your ancient wisdom to take over, the reactions to all events and occurrences you experience daily.


The result of such action or realization, will elevate your understanding of how things are through the eyes of a Gratified human angel. Self love, blissfulness and understanding the overall picture of each and every so called challenge, will simply dissolve all those past reactions such as fear, guilt, resentment and all other self conscious decisions of the old energy which no longer serve you.


Dear ones this is not difficult to attain as you might think. As you read these words, it is your inner feelings of self love which are the key to such process.


Thoughts of the conscious mind are a barrier yes! they clutter your inner wisdom with thought patterns derived from decisions made in the past, as a result of feelings such as guilt and fear.


Allow your inner wise one to surface and shine the love of god/godess..... sweet one...... yes it is available now, it is ripe for each and every one who seeks the answer to an old question; “how did those masters of the past did it?” and we simply reply; now it is your turn!


Quantum Living


The Quantum Resonance is increasing, we can see the events unfold under a new type of “quantum weather”. This is new and well expected shift which you are going through, it is the state of more quantum living showing its resonance on a much higher level than before. You can see how the old energy is becoming more confined to specific locations, it is being effected from the inside out possibly eliminating the need for war. Yes, we are talking about the Middle East as the drums of war are shaping a path to a possible flareup, but lets see what else is taking place, what is it you are not seeing on the news?..... it is not what you would expect.


The old energy is being dismantled from within, it is being losing “thickness” as the quantum resonance of the planet is increasing. Some of you will see between the lines from those who report directly from the streets and neighborhoods of such areas.

Congratulations lightworker! your self fulfilling miracle is about to show itself in a big way.... can there be more profound statement sweet one? Can we be more proud of your magnificence?


Celebrate and gratified your wholeness.


The Numbers Game


Time is accelerating again, time is now playing a more unified game of participation, how many of you now share the 11;11 and 4;44 on your clock? have you noticed that quantum lightworker? How is it possible to see the same sequence three, four or five times in a row? and that is not all! You now find yourself sharing this experience with those around you. How is that possible we ask you ? How can that be?!

The answer is Quantum Resonance sweet ones!


The Sun


The sun is blasting its energy out to your solar system, it is your solar system as a whole which is evolving. Looking at such a grand event form standpoint of a singular point of perception, may enable you to see a limited picture of what is going on. Therefore a unified point of perception can shed light on the grand picture of such a complicated event.


This doesn't mean you need to try to figure out how an event is related and for what reason, finding the moment to reflect and allow your core understanding to surface and grasp the importance and joy of such periods in time and space, is the place we ask you to reside in.


The sun is not the actual generator of some of the activities you are able and not able to observe. The sun acts a doorway for that which is called the God/Goddess “Instructions” coming in directly from the central point we like to call the “Central Sun”. The Central Sun is not what you would imagine a sun to be, it is a unified field of push and pull of energy which can only be defined from a quantum state of perception. Sounds complicated doesn't it? well it is if your perception is in the 3rd dimension looking into a pair of goggles and trying to figure out the reason why all the visible light seen is behaving in an illogical fashion.


Science and Time


But this is not all dear ones, there is the marriage between science and spirituality which stands tall and is waiting for the “wedding date”. We are not asking you to look for a day on the calendar, it will clearly feel that things have changed profoundly when you evolve beyond that paradigme. This coming together of two old partners is the highlight of the coming years in the field of technological progress. It is a magnificent turn of events you do not want to miss, pay attention to the slow shift of science into the esoteric, it is already happening however, it will soon increase momentum.


Only less than a year ago you had to struggle with time and the acceleration of time in the growing unified field of quantumness but today.... you are very well adjusted and comfortable with this new way of living. You manage your time instead of allowing time to manage you. How many of you find yourselves having extra time on your hands and yet it, seems that the days weeks and months are running at a “rabbit race” with no signs of slowing down. It is not the end of the shift dear ones, it is only the beginning, but why rush? (E simle)


The Second Wave


There is a second wave of awakening at hand, it has to do with a “layer” of souls which chose to wait, by design, for this unique time in your evolution to spring into action and decide to look for Goddess and God within. It is a very large wave hurtling forward with great passion for a shift. These souls are becoming aware of many new and some old modalities to accommodate their “thirst”. Can you imagine the profoundness in such a momentum? can you fathom the possibilities with such a large weight of light moving into your side of the field?


Now, lets take this a step back and have a look at the way things have shifted in the last 2 years. If we summarize this period with a few words, which would you chose to use?

How about all four? It is all in preparation for the one shift you are here for....The shift into Quantum Living.


With these words we would like to conclude this message; Time and again you have made this trip and back home, only to discover your passion is to live life as it should be on precious Gaia. This time around it is not what you expected it to be but instead it is what you were hoping for.


We love you so dearly for your greatest achievement.


And so it is
The “E”


The E Chanelling



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