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Ontares the Galactic Belt

Ontares the Galactic Belt

Channelled 8-6-12


Greetings dear ones we are the e and are at your service........

Can it be true that the only planet in the vicinity of the “fog” will not be affected? The one occasion which was predicted and talked about for many years was to affect earth in a dramatic way, is no longer the case.The timeline was precise on your side of the vail and the encounter with the fog is now proceeding and is very real.

The fog we speak of is the galactic belt called Ontares, or as you have favorably named the “Photon Belt”. The Ontares belt is not known in your scriptures by its name nor has it been recorded in a way we can offer you to look for at this time however, your star parents are aware of it and have spoken about it.

This energy “dust” field sits perpendicular to the path of your solar system in the galaxy and is an integral part of the entire structure you call the the solar system and its path. Every half cycle of this elliptical trip which takes about 13000 years, the Ontares belt comes in contact with your solar system. The contact is one of god’s intelligence, it is not a brute and technical meeting as if you would imagine it to be between two objects however, it is one that comes to in contact but with awareness at a higher overall understanding.

The awareness is what we wish to speak of at greater details.

New Times

This is very exciting to us as this moment was not predicted, you have changed all that was to be in a single bolt of “lightning”. We cannot explain it clearly enough for you to understand, however we wish to say this... Great job! dear ones, you have crossed a landmark no one in the etheric realm was expecting. It is truly a proud moment in time and we love you so dearly for what you have achieved.

Solitude from the rest of the universe will begin to diminish as it will now prepare you for the day of reunion with your star family it will not be as soon as you would like it to be so please be patient. Some are not ready to face the truth yet and for that reason we would not advise any parental race to make attempts to accelerate the schedule, as it will not be for the highest good of all.

The Details

The ontares belt was to create a dampening field around the entire solar system which would become an element of drag to your next phase in evolution however, since you changed things, this will not take place. The belt will simply have no reaction as you pass through, it will create anomalies which your science will detect but won't be able to analyze yet. The effect it could have had had you not shifted your reality, the Ontares belt would have reacted to your previous consciousness level much differently.

Many have predicted 3 days of darkness, and a magnetic storm which would have ravaged your earth systems to a complete silence. This was all true however, it was based on the level of consciousness you had at that time.
The Ontares belt is a filter of alignment, it is a grid of energy designed to create a type of balance in the energy that will help you as a race, pass through to the other side of the 13000 year mark.

So imagine yourself a “director” of sorts, which has a job to do whenever each member of the team is about to cross a specific landmark. The director observes the team member, which is crossing, makes sure all is in order, reflects back if adjustments are in order and then allows safe passage.

You and Gaia were just granted safe passage without any need for major adjustments.

Congratulations dear human angels you are moving at the speed of love and there is no reason to stop.

Self Empowerment

Some of you are raising doubt in yourself and your power, we wish to bring forth reminder of what is taking place, we spoke about this not long ago and it was appropriate at the time and so it is again. 2012 is a middle point and within this point, there is another middle point which within it sits a null zone we called the Middle of the Shift or the time where the wheel will come to a stop and then start turning the opposite way.

Don't consume yourself in the illusion of this period, it is almost complete, it s almost done which means very shortly, the wind will be in your back and the entire phase will reveal itself with great clarity.The energies of your advancement, the forces working to make this period of transition possible are immense, not only on you but on each member of your solar system, they are part of you just as you are part of them. Gaia is experiencing the shift in a way no other planet has attempted before, she is a mother caring for her children. The unconditional love she has for you is un-measurable as she is taking upon her internal shifts and changes you are not seeing or being affected by in a dramatic and or cataclysmic way, because she is doing her best so you will be safe.

A mother will make her children comfortable because this is what mothers do and it is beautiful beyond words.

Message from Gaia

Gaia is with us and she wishes to say a few words;

Sweet children you are well aware of your powerful way in which you take charge of each and every day. You are creators with love embedded in each and every cell of your body. This love has the direct connection and inseparable connection to every grain of sand, water molecule and air I am made of. With this connection being described, you become aware of our strong connection, our strong emotional bond. You are becoming one with the cells within you as this develops you are becoming one with the mother.

Compassion is one stage before unconditional love and you are at that stage sweet ones, you are becoming aware of your inner mother. The connection you have long forgotten is now making its way back from within. Be at peace for it has always been this way, you are simply remembering your origins. My womb is now ready to express your love and it will begin to show the newborns very soon. The time is appropriate, the time is now as I see it, not by looking at your clock but now means now with relation to the present vibration, as it is viewed from the other side.

Good day to you my sweets.

(back to the “E”)

This intensification of the energy will enable many activations of your “Mantel Grids”, a process which is becoming less elusive to some of you and to our speaker as well. The Mantel grid is you direct link to the crystalline grid and it is now activated for you to tap into. Becoming aware of the Mantel Grid is the first step in the path to activation, no one will have the same experience nor will it be completed overnight. Patience and acclimation to the new energies will enable the grid intelligence to reveal in itself a grand book to experience.

Your governments are drenched with dilemmas about the complexity of the challenges they face and it is making things harder to culminate a solution under such conditions. This is where you lightworker come into action. You hold the power to change all that with a single thought, you can help those in power to view things differently so they can perceive solutions never seen before.

The time for a miracle is now! make it so dear ones... the stage is ready for your grand finale.

With our unconditional love we wish to end this message, please do love one another because this other one is you.

And so it is
The “E”



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