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“Residual Horizon”

Kryon - As Channeled by Eddie BenAbraham NT on 8-26-12


Greetings dear ones we are Kryon of magnetic service,


Channelling is as open as the light that shines from your sun, it is available to see feel and experience with no need to subscribe to any movement or religion.


Your light is the energy which creates the communication portal possible, it is your love to your self and the love to Gaia that offers the connection which is there for all to use and bring forward. One more spectrum of light to the greater good of the planet.


You are immense in your capability and with your radiance of truth we are here to show you that it is not necessary to look for that which you call the outside influences, or things which you find to be of “spiritual” value in order to complete your true essence. Your true self is reflected in this grand game of hide and seek, it would not be possible without you.


Our partner became aware of this connection not long ago and he has made a few attempts to divert the energy by simply not believing it to be true however, that belief is no longer part of his field, he now knows that multiple energies are possible through the one.


The paradigm has shifted and your time is accelerating even more rapidly than before, we do not reside in the field of what you recognise as time instead, we are in the field of multidimensional now and are able to see all possibilities of past present and future simultaneously. It is very much like the difference between experiencing a drop of water dripping from the top of your head down your body and understanding the beginning, present and possible future depending on your body movement and the location of the drop and compared to; jumping into the water feeling all the possible drops of water and their paths simultaneously.


We are aware of the potential you chose to walk and we know now of the possibilities your choice can bring forth, it is not one we expected, it is not one you expected dear ones. you are in what we would like to call the “Residual Horizon” of a possible future, you recently took aim towards. This path is new and more condensed in its possibilities because it acts as a funnel towards one possibility and that is peace in the middle east.

Fear is among the greatest challenges to overcome at this point for many of those involved directly or linked in ways not visible on the surface. This is a fear which is part of the process, it is part of learning to stand in your power and not allow the old to take hold of your breath.

Challenging it is, slow and exhausting for many but more than others, those who are in the middle of the fighting and the savagery are to be most honored for their passing through such a harsh way. Here is an opportunity for you lightworker, to elevate all that is crumbling by using your compassion, your love and awareness.


Time and again the past has proven to you that war is always part of the solution, or at least a temporary one, but what if we told you that you do not need to go to war to see the road to balance, what if I told you it will be your choice to see how this so called grand finale of the old will exit earth forever. Your compassion has already elevated many parts of your precious planet to places where death, destruction and hunger was no longer needed to be part of the shift, of course you don't know this because it never happened but we can see the potentials you averted, we can see the level of your compassion making the threshold overflow and change the future as you place your foot on the ground and said let there be light. Does this feel familiar dear human does this fit into the the way you feel deep within?

The residual horizon is now at the balance, the threshold for the final chapter of 2012 is yours to hold and shift with your love and compassion. Could it stop all killing at once? eventually it will but not without experiencing the residual left over on the “horizon”.


Many of you are not from that region, your birth energy stamp created at the moment of your birth is not linked to those areas of this grand shift however, some of you are. Many feel the pull towards it, many will find ways to travel and make time to experience the energy of the place where their birth took place. It is mother earth calling her children to come home and help with her transition. The energy of the mother, the energy of home is calling you on a level which is so beautiful and so grand, nurturing loving ready for the healing she was waiting for.


Dismantling this deep and old energy embedded in each and every grain of sand, is by all means a grand and enormous undertaking. Gaia knows and she is making the final preparations for this transition. She is as fearful as you are because there will be pain involved, pain of letting go of the past. The old energy served you well, it is honored for the role it played in the this game of free choice, it will serve its part again and the new earths being created now. It will serve as a role model for the next planet and the next following that.


For those of you not of that region, you can be part of this as well. Your compassion and your birth energy, which originates from a place that is not embedded with stresses of the past, can enable that light which is from your energy you call homeland and project compassionate love towards those locations to be healed and then, expect a miracle.


All of you are in the hands of your own self written future, taking charge of your future is your choice and yours only.

Let's talk science, so what is it you wish to talk about Kryon? what can you say more that you have not already said through other Kryons?
Each Kryon channeler has her or his own personality, it brings forward a unique and special flavor of truth through the colors. My partner in this channel is here to add his own spectrum to the large picture already drawn by the others. This is not a competition remember, spirit has no first and last, spirit has love.


Science and consciousness walk hand in hand it is something we have talked about many times in the past, advancement in science is directly reflects your coherent vibratory of the entire planet. What you want to call technology is infact the reflection of the entire planets and its inhabitants however, something is happening in the science department and to the progress of the field.


The coming transition is placing a dampening field causing a delay in progress of recent advancements which are ready to become a reality. Many science related advancements are in the minds of many around your planet and most of them are on “hold”, this is not a permanent hold but one that you would call a phase hold. The “body” or the core of the coming shift is the reason why all must wait, it is all about the timing of all coming out and moving forward at the proper time and place.


The time for you to experience the last major transition between the old and the new is at your doorstep. It is there ready to be experienced and transitioned through but not without the fear that goes along with it. Seek your inner most compassionate feelings and send them to every part needed, Gaia will be there ready to receive and collaborate with you, lovingly and unconditional.


Gaia is part of you, you are part of Gaia it is this transition that will make the final push towards what you all lightworkers have been waiting for. Yes dear ones it is not that far and it is not called the grand finale for no reason.


Hold your hands together and bring forward that which have long called the new Jerusalem.


It is Kryon and the entourage that has brought this information forward today, our partner is still learning to adjust to our energy. We honor his courage to step forward and bring this to you.


We are Kryon and are in love with humanity.
And so it is




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