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Unlimited Healing Potentials of Pets in the New Age

Channelled on 9-19-11
(This is a channelled answer to a question made by one of our Facebook member)



"There are many healing modalities available and they are all named with the label given by the angel who brought them forward. Within this group of healing arts there are some which are the same yet performed and named differently.

As to your second question we will allow the angelic group Metatron to offer the information…

Grand and precise is the love you pass to your companions you choose to call pets.
They are by far the purest of the angelic expression however, not in the same paradigm you live in.
They are in existence next to you physically however they are in a parallel frequency at the same time. As a human angel you are allowed to perform healing using a variety of energies and techniques, they can offer complete rejuvenation to the companions and with the love you share with one another such intent become a reality.

Your question resides in a quantum state of expression and since you are not there we will say it is not possible in all cases. It is not because you are not capable no, it is because the level of the global frequency which prevents it.
Your companions are an expression of true love and they are here to hold that energy around you unconditionally.
They are not a catalyst but reflectors of your earth experience which means they can absorb and be affected by what you project.

Back to the “E”…

Your companions are here to help you evolve in a non intrusive way, they offer their love and by the agreement you have with them, they will offer the lesson at the right moment on your path.
It is with love and pride we share this information with you because you have earned it.
The “E”


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