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The “Unthinkable” Era

Channelled on 9-30-11


With love we greet you today sweet ones.....

The formality comes as a way to help you feel the energy which is setting and preparing for the information we are about to deliver.
Much has been in the works recently, your advancement is carrying the new era into a new level of existence without any rest or pause…it is so exciting for us to see your achievements and we are so very proud of you. You have not only won the game at hand but you are now spreading into areas we did not expect you to so soon.

Can you imagine a child who just wore the first pair of shoes and is already running and playing in an adult game and wining……? how much joy and pride will that immerse you in we ask ? The love we have for you is beyond that.

We bring these words today with the same immense feeling so that the tools you learn today will offer you the ability to progress in the game with more clarity and harmony.

This is not a time for you to entangle yourself in the old paradigm habits of self-pity or those troubling thoughts injected by those in the media, no…. it is time for the new Empowered Human Angel to take hold of the helm and guide this ship to the glistening horizon of possibilities.

And so the teaching begins:
Those specific thoughts in your mind which your logic and intellect create and manifest are the ones which we are here to help you find the proper place as you enter the new era. It is a place or a state in which you will have it come to a complete halt of all the chatter.

This place is within your ability to create and control, for it is part of your new tools at hand. Every thought which originates in the logic, offers a possible contradiction to your truth offered by your intuition, not once have you found yourself debating which turn to take or what is it that will benefit you most in your day to day activities, it is this point in time we wish to freeze and analyze your old habits and bring in the new.

The moment you allow your mind to think it creates additional revolving thoughts, it is not wrong or right it is just is. The conscious intellect thrives on making sure your head keeps “running” until the “battery is depleted”. So you see you have a habit of keeping your mind at a creative yet uncontrollable perpetual state.
The left mind energy needs to find a place of calm and restraint because in the new era we can’t simply allow it to think and possibly create things we do not wish for.
Therefore, we are going to give you something that will be new but not something that was not thought of already. “so how can you say it is new?” we say it because it is now possible, with little effort and moreover, it is sustainable.
Think of a place or a state of mind which is mostly silent and still, without the chatter you are used to without those moment of emotional disturbances sprouting without knowing where they originated form, simply you.

Now this is not an illusion nor is a fantasy we speak of, it is the tool you have earned sweet human angel.

Think of the implications of having an uncontrollable thought process in an empowered society where the power of instant creation is many times more powerful than before?
It will not be possible to continue living peacefully for even one day.

“Are you asking us to stop thinking?”

No, we are asking you to become a master of your thoughts sweet one…..

You now carry the torch of creation, you are the founder of your own future and with that comes responsibility. Wisdom is right behind it because as soon as you become the master of your thoughts you will be open for the intuition to come and allow you to experience your truth to the fullest.

Oh this is so grand sweet ones! it is the second major step into your “New Human Nature” chapter.
Many will say “no! You cannot change human nature, it has been the same for many years” has it, we ask?

The steps are small but the achievements are immense.
Allow your-self to be more aware of those instantaneous tiny thoughts running in your thought process regularly, identify them and ask them to stop and enter the “silent room” and understand that when an intellectual or logical answer is required, your intellect will be there to offer the solution or the needed “regular” human process.

It is not that hard, it just needs practice, some of you are already doing it for many years but could not hold the chatter silent the way you wanted, but now you can.

“So, now what? We got our head to be more silent, what do we do with this entire free thing we have no name for?” (Laughter)

You are correct it has no name because it is just is. We will however, tell you what is you will find…… it is the platform of communication, it is a place where you can see and experience the beauty of your being. It is the doorway to your intuition sweet human angel and it is here for you to use without the unwanted chatter.

The “Unthinkable” Era is your next step and it is already here for you to enjoy and play with.

We love you so dearly and wish to say it is not the last time we will speak about this ….
Experience what we are proposing it is your choice and it is your right to make this part of your day.

With love and pride we say it is our tears of joy running down you cheeks for it is forever yours.

The “E”


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