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The New Energy

Channelled 10-16-11

(Part of the Q&A from the previous group page "The "E" Channelling (Q&A)")



Thank you Eddie, This is very special of you to offer. I ask in gratitude....
I seek more information and clarity about this beautiful new energy/vibration that I am integrating now. I am aware that it is an energy that has not been here before, or at least in Human memory. What does Source want me to know at this time.... :)



"You are correct sweet lightworker it is the first time.
However, in Loumeria the advancement allowed a variation of such vibration to be experienced, then again before that, during your last “descension” stage close to 250 thousand years ago.

Now it is here with a luminosity that reflects balance.

This balance is what we would like you to reflect more and more as it will make your shift much easier. It is not hard to do but rather interesting because you get to play with energy more than you have ever thought possible.

We will offer you an explanation:

We have already talked about the new way of thought, it is from this way of the “unthinkable” thought where you will draw the balance from.

Carry yourself for a moment to a recent experience during a daily exchange of an opinion, idea, and or decision, find yourself looking at the parties involved exchanging energies as they communicate.
You can feel and see the spikes of disagreement reflected in their fields. It does not matter what the subject is, it is still an exchange of energy but without any foreseeable resolve.

It is the perpetual entanglement of the polarities playing their roll.

So we ask you dear light-worker, how do you bring balance to this exchange?

Yes that is where you come in…… you work through these angels and bring about a new perception, a new wisdom, a new era.

The era of the “3”, the catalyst.

It takes two to Tango but you need a third to play the music.

How would I do this “E” ?

With your awareness and your presence, physically and or projectivly.

You don’t need to know the solution, no, you are there to offer a potential of a new door.
With your love, compassion and intent to elevate the entangled field to a fresh and out of the box position, you will plant the seed for the new.

Feel, smile, hug, speak, be present…… all are a form of energy projection methods.

This is grand and you have earned it, know that you are bound by your thoughts but not by your heart. We dare you to feel your future into the new era.

With love and pride we hug you so dearly and offer you the new.

The “E”



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