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The Maze

Channelled 9-18-11
(Part of the Q&A from the previous group page "The "E" Channelling (Q&A)")


Many are asking similar questions such as:
“How can I find my passion?” or
“How will I know which direction to follow?”
In this answer The “E” offers a short and descriptive way to finding your path in the maze of life.

Imagine a maze, tall, green, flowers everywhere and some with thorns but nothing to fear of... you enter with your intent to make a difference in your world only to find that this maze is very complex and you are not sure where to turn.

We come by your ear and whisper "Trust Yourself Love" and love responds " But how?" and instantaneously, even before you complete your question, a vision comes to you, arrows of synchronicity flash by and resonate a subtle yet unique feeling felt throughout your biology. You now have the tool and understanding as to how to drive your vehicle of intent through this voyage.

You take the first turn as the arrows you see and feel make your feet lighter, you continue turn by turn only to find that you are stuck at a crossroad and you are confused, clouded with uncertainty. You take a turn, rush through the path to find it is blocked.
You turn back walk slowly and ask why…..? you hear nothing but silence, the flowers turn with a smile and point you back to the crossroad. You are now standing again at the so dreaded point with 4 directions to walk but no arrows.... time passes, days, weeks and then the anxiety and uncertainty stop!

Calmness and peace now lay on you and at the corner of your eye you notice an angled path leading to a fifth direction... you stand there with excitement and confusion asking “but how come I didn't see it before?" and we say "ah, there is one thing you need to know about this maze and that is time!" .

Sweet angel of love you make your path as you walk it, be at peace and nurture yourself at every turn you make, celebrate every dead end you hit because making mistakes is also part of the journey.

With love and pride we celebrate your presence.


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