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The “Mantel Grid”

Channelled 10-27-2011

Greetings sweet human angels we are the “E” and at your service…


And so comes the time for a leap in evolution, the time to make you, at the forefront, aware of the next step with-in the new and unknown field of the reality you exist in today. This awareness is not one to be misunderstood for it must be aligned properly in order to make the road paved the best way possible, for those who will come to take the same steps in the coming months and years.

We honor you and dedicate this place in time to celebrate your achievements in a ceremony of love…….oh yes and it is profound beyond measure dear ones.
Your eyes read this message yet the heart, is connecting and rejoicing with emotions because you know it is true, you know this message speaks to you, it is no accident you read so far, no, because you now carry the framework of the new human angel.

So many lifetimes it took to come closer to such an achievement but eventually you made the mark, you chose the paths which brought you to this unique moment in evolution ready and holding all the tools necessary…… you made this message possible.

Gaia is here with us to offer her the excitement of a mother giving birth to her new children, yes you are reading correctly, the delivery is complete…. congratulations.
Do you see why this is so profound? Do you see why we are at such excitement sweet newborn?

The level of her serenity is felt on many levels but most of all you can feel the exhaustion she is experiencing within every cell of your body and moreover, within your emotional body.
It is now possible to say you are not going home soon, because much work lays ahead (smile). You didn’t think it was over did you? Hardly, this is when the real magic starts to take place.

The “Mantel Grid” which was under construction for the last 12 months is now complete and ready to receive the new energy into it. This grid is a confined energy structure around each and every one of you designed to contain the God within You, the Divine light along with its God like attributes.

Profound isn’t it dear ones, so it is.

As part of your new reality in the new era of god like humanity, one must be able to contain the wisdom of all that is in order to become enabled in Gods ways and what is Gods way you ask?........... Love, Compassion, Joy, Humor.

No one, will be left behind this time, not even those in the darkest places. Your light will reach those who never listened and believed to be the unapproachable and now, they will show their own light and come to the table to talk…….. Yes it is not far sweet ones, it is closer than you think, just wait and see.

The acclimation period of your new Grid will take time and during each incremental accumulation of light, there will be a place and time of familiarization and adaptation.
The magic is yours to perform, the wisdom belongs to you, it is what you have accumulated throughout lifetimes of expressions.

The same as in the period which follows birth, mother earth will go through her own phase of readjustments to the new sets of eyes. Gaia is making it possible to complete the shift and bring her newborns the essentials for their future accomplishments.

The 11.11.11 is the mark of the new and sets the stage for your path towards the next and final year in which all humanity will pass through the doorway of the 12.12.12.
The transition is not an easy one for many and it will bring about many challenges however, now you will experience and view the emergence of something new, something you have long been waiting for, it is the new energy making a practical imprint in what you have so called hard to solve problems.

Yes you are well correct to say “wow that’s a big sigh of relief”.

We know your challenges, moments of frustration, every minute of fatigue…. You are not alone sweet human angel, we are here with you every step of the way.

We bring before you this channel today on the date which you all can remember as the day you were reborn to a new reality, it contains the energy of the “1” a new beginning 10-27=1 along with Gaias number 4. With the love of the one you are connected to it makes us so proud to say “well done!” for it would have not been possible to come before you and reflect your magnificence without the work you did.

As you become aware of your new “Mantel Grid” you will come to realize the responsibility that comes owning such a field. It is true sweet ones, as each and every one who will enter Gods awareness, will be well noticed among the rest, some will fear and some will not and there is no way you can hide or suppress your magnificence it will be yours so long you choose to walk the earth.

The shift upon you is causing many to step into a null zone, a place where left is right and right is left. Not being able to make choices with a clear distinction of what will be the best one to decide.
We ask of you to make your field lighter, by dismantling the thoughts you are so used to conceive which then become part of your negative entangld perception.
The “Unthinkable Era” is upon you so please, choose your thoughts wisely.

With love and pride we say, celebrate this moment for it is yours to enjoy forever.

The ”E”

The Mantel Grid



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