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The Light Tube

Channelled 9-17-11


With love we come before you and offer this new information you earned to know.

Much has come in ways you will not understand for quite some time, your shift of recent weeks has come to us at great excitement and at the same time with much amazement.

You have crossed a fascinating bridge or a process if you wish, which was not expected to come to a completion years form now 2016. Yes you have crossed a threshold which is now a leading element in your evolution for coming years. It came as a surprise, we did not expect it at this point in time and in such a brief period to become active. The potential was there however, you have made it possible for the energy to accelerate in a way that the shift was at your hands to grab and you did just that!


What does it all mean? Many now as a result, have a fully activated their fourth layer of DNA the layer of self realization the energy of such activation acts as a quickening effecting more and more around you to follow the path of activation and completion. The fifth layer of your DNA, has entered its middle stage which means many will, almost overnight, complete an activation of both the 4th and fifth layer activation.


We tell you that we are at awe shedding tears of joy.... we did not expect this dear human angel and that is why we so dearly love you!

We now know there are some who will “jump” even farther because there is a momentum that was created and it will continue until you reach the proper stage to acclimate it all. Fear not the process it is by all means new and exciting but there are some things to this shift you will find very challenging especially the way your physical body will react.


One of the evident and glowing result of this shift is your central communication tube which runs straight through your body. It comes at the top of your head and goes straight through to the bottom of your pelvic cradle. This energy tube does not start at the top of your head no, it begins at a place we call a multidimensional grid space high above you and as it goes out of your body shooting straight down to Gaia, creating a magnificent wave of energy pulsation matching the resonance of the entire expression of life on earth.
Now it is much more than that! this energy “train and tracks” has a new field around it, it has been building and shaping to a time of activation. This field which we will call for now ” the personal grid” is something that some of you were aware of its conception and creation and some were not, now it is ready for the activation.


We say to you again it wasn't on the schedule for you to reach this level so soon but you were so eager to move forward and brought forward a magnificent part of your future self into the present.


“So what do we need to do now?” nurture your body it is the part that needs the most at this stage. You have advanced so much that your physical body now needs your love and communication so “they” can be on the same page with your multidimensional self. As you move towards the completion of your 5th DNA activation you will find your body is requesting lighter foods, many of you are already shifting and adjusting your diet and habits and some are now realizing the urge to step into it. Your electrical body is also acclimating and this directly effects your emotional body and self, for that we are reminding you that taking one day at a time will allow you to progress with very little effort and resistance. Trust yourself and trust that you are provided.


The connection you have to your body remains clouded to the minds of many however, in months to come there will be a new wave of human angels showing the rest of the world that the god like communication between body mind and soul is One.


Gaia is reacting and will make a shift to her original plan, you will see new types of anomalies at some unexpected locations watch for it, it will be amazing and to some very frightening. If you see those residing in fear do hold their hands and show your godlike smile, it will make a new world seem better than first perceived by them.


This is our first communication in this form and we honor the One that herd our calling to deliver this message.

With love and pride we make this moment sacred for you are the Ones who are making history.

The “E”



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