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The Commonality of the Human Consciousness

Channelled 10-19-11


Greetings sweet angels of love we are the “E” and at your service……….


We are now at the tipping point of the next wave of change on your planet, it is felt by many and it is not something the rest can dismiss but quite the opposite, they are paying attention for the first time.

Your value to self love has extracted the core of the evolutionary process from the inside out, it is now spreading and been integrated into each and every cell on this human experiment of love. You leave behind the old and now forth thrusting your reality into a place never seen before on any experiment in the entire universe and we stand beside you, with a profound awe.

Believe it or not you are now going to march into the plane of the new reality within less than 3 months time, where you will experience a transition we like to call the Tipping of the Disc. It is not often that we give a time frame because it is not in our hands to determine what you create next however, this is an occasion we cannot ignore nor say otherwise, it is already in motion.

You have made it possible, you have already begun the turning of the old into the new and it is not stopping or slowing down, no! it is here for you to experience as you have all hoped it will and yes!.............the glistening horizon is now shining its full colors and no one will be left behind dear human angel, you are all moving forward as one consciousness, an advanced expression of god.

Mesmerizing are the thoughts going through your head, finally believing in your own power. Bringing change out of compassion to the entire population, not only those within a specific border, but a nation of humans expressing their love to unite on the premise that we are all in this together and we shall bring upon a new day of great significance on a cosmic scale.

The ripples of this period as already making headlines around many planets around the universe and you will soon learn that many are watching with great excitement and celebration. Your star brothers and sisters have always made sure you are well cared and protected, but now they know that soon you will no longer need their support but partnership instead.

Yes it will take time however, the path is already made and ready for you in the future.

Your governments are moving franticly to find a solution and we have said this once and we will again, offer them the opportunity to discover the solution which can be found outside the box of a box. Make the ceremony, gather with love, and see the solution penetrating their list of possible options……. You are now an empowered society and there is no boundary to the power of your common creation.

The commonality of the human consciousness has for many years made small and slow imprints on the way things evolved on the game board but now as the human consciousness is seeking unification on all levels of the spectrum, it is capable of shifting night into day with a single unified intention in no time at all.

Your time to take responsibility of your thoughts has now entered a new meaning, it will be a daily test for you, it will challenge you at every turn you make and you will make mistakes sweet human angel…………. We know sweet ones, it will not be easy letting go of all those patterns you are so used to but it is now easier than ever to make yourself free of those. Choose your thoughts with soul wisdom, find the love in your choices, find the compassion in every decision you are about to make because a win-win scenario is always achievable.

Your sun is actively speaking to you on a cellular level and it is important you listen to the words spoken, no those are not literal words but words defined by emotional reflection of your electromagnetic field the Merkaba. This elevated period of conversation is not going to stop any time soon in fact, it will increase its intensity for the next 5 years. The sun is your source of your warmth, cycles, energy and yet still hidden is the way you communicate. It is more visible than your scientists are willing to pay attention to.

Gaia is moving forward at a rapid pace and she is also forming a boundary between the old and the new, she is not showing all the shifts she is implementing yet because it is very deep on the ground. There is an acceleration on the horizon, which will pose another challenge that will set the stage for the final game change in the way you extract energy from her.

Many have been feeling the “void” the “withdrawal” of the energy in the last few weeks, yes it is real….. it is the rug you have pulled from under the feet of the old, it is looking for a place to fit within the new game and with the new rules you have set for yourselves. It will find ways to play its roll which will cast fear and despair especially in those specific places deeply rooted with tribal conflicts.
You know what to do sweet Lightworker, the human commonality is there thinking about it at the same time you are and your choices are……the same.


With tears of joy we grant you a glimpse into your future self, a possibility, not that far….

High up on a hill, you glaze our eyes down to a shiny city that is rejoicing with love, then you shout out laud;

“Yes!...... I did it!”


The “E”


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