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Channelled 11.11.11


Greetings sweet ones we are the “E” and at your service…….


Coming in is the energy you have for so long planed and imagined in your mind, it is now a present reality which you are flowing though it with mesmerising excitement.

As you are opening your hearts and dance to the rhythm, we are not standing by to view, no, we are with you at every moment of this occasion making sure we do not miss a single moment of the celebrations you are performing…… the joy is indescribable, the love is unimaginable.

As you breath in this new air into your lungs so does Gaia, she is vibrating with joy and see how this magnificent evolutionary journey is evolving. It is your triumph sweet ones, it is yours to hold and enjoy the fruits in the coming days weeks months and years.

Some of you are not aware of the stages, some of you do not care for what you as a whole have achieved and we say you are not going to stay behind, you are loved and supported the same way those that are at the forefront of this game. We know who you are and one day you will come to read these words and it will be by your design. It will be by your choice to come to a point where the lack awareness is no longer there. We wait for that day with such excitement you cannot imagine, you are so dearly loved in ways words cannot express. It might take you one, two or even five years to reach that point and it does not matter. Because we know the potential exists, we know you are part of God and on that day you will come to realize the same.

Dear Lightworker the magic is not elusive, the magic is yours to create, and we say this because you will no longer sit and wait, you no longer need to turn the rocks to find evidence to your path ahead, no. Your time has come to put on the gloves and reach into your heart, there you will find the first steps towards your primary job you have come here to do. Our partner has experienced patience like many of you and his time to wait is now over, do you hear that sweet one you no longer need to wait…….. The magic is yours to express and share, make it so.

We would like to tell you a something you did not expect, something about what you have examined and monitored to great detail, the recent flyby of the asteroid you named 555. It is well known that it was not a coincidence. You invited it because it is part of your choice to turn this beautiful one of a kind planet into something even more magnificent. This orbital fragment has been traveling for thousands of years with one sole purpose, to arrive at this unique junction. It has consciousness you know, it is not a “dead rock” as so many believe which means, the energy it delivered was not predetermined however, it did know the potentials during its travel. Therefore, we ask you sweet ones, do you feel something different ? do you feel as if this specific flyby has done something different from the ones you experienced in the past? Ah, yes something is now missing (smile)

Could it be that along with the delivery of the new instruction, it so anxiously waited to deliver to you, it also took something away? Indeed sweet ones, the 555 came in as a deliverer and a pickup instrument at the same time.
What is it that was so crucial to take away? …… The past!

The accumulated energy of the past has created a stagnation effect on the entire flow of energy on earth, making it a stagnant on many levels. This unique structure which was built and designed by the those who sought control over humanity, is now an empty space ready to be filed with a new and empowered consciousness. This feeling of relief can be felt on many levels and it is already showing signs of calm on many who have not been at peace for some time. Your love to yourself will have room to expand and find ways to replenish that which you have so longed to renew within.
Finding the root of the problem is now easier because there are no more blockages from the past.

The energy of the past has had, to so which was the reason it had to stay until this point in the game, it was your rapid expansion in to the the 5th dimension that caused this lump to stick around a bit longer. You just cold not afford the potentials of risk had we removed it before this time.
Your work with the other side is inseparable, your work is directly linked to our work therefore we cannot find other was to say this sweet ones, you are the ones creating the reality indeed and can no longer deny your power.

11.11.11 is now yours to love and share in ways close to your heart and by far, it will be the most incredible movement of reality ever experienced on any plant. Your star family is aware, watching and protecting you because now, more then ever, your vibrational rate has leaped ten folds making your planet too “loud“ to ignore. Do you really think you will not draw attention? As we said before, look for the increased activity in the skies and even a formal meeting in the near future.

Technology will enable you to see those that have been unseen untill now and they will know it which means, no more hide and seek.

Your biology is entering a stage of exhilaration in mutation which means hold on to your wheel because things, which have not been seen yet, will be a daily occurrence. One in particular we wish to talk about. Your physiology exists on specific vibratory rate which is common to all human angel around the world at any given moment. Through this rate, you can be manipulated and offer a controlled effect within the realm of your reality.
This is not one to be taken lightly because it is to be handled with care and caution for it can case harm if you choose to abuse however, it is part of your experience and mistakes are bound to happen.

Within your biology there is a part, you have so many time talked about and imagined, but did not truly understand why it is there yet you can feel it but cannot be see with your eyes. It is rooted in your upper back and linked to your nerve system through a bio-energy field you can only feel and be aware of but not see unless, you use your pineal gland. If you have already said “Wings” then you are correct.
Your wings are very much part of you and are an instrument of molecular shift. When you spread your wings you create an energy field which consumes your entire biology. Now pay attention……. Flapping your wings at a specific rate will cause your molecular vibration rate to shift, which means you will allow your cells to become lighter and thus enable you to lift off the ground like you have so many times done so in your dream state.

“E, does this mean we will flip our wings we will actually fly?” ……yes.

When you flip your wings at a specific rate, you create an electromagnetic resonance around your body enabling you to shift your mass and thus levitate with little effort. You will learn to control the rate of frequency allowing you to maneuver in ways you have dreamt possible.

This is not the first time you will achieve the levitation capability, Lemuria and Atlantis was your time of great masterhod with this spiritual technology tool and now, it is available for you again. You have earned it sweet human angel with wings, enjoy the ride.

The bridge created between 11.11.11 and the potentials of 12.12.12 is now ready to be placed on a stamp which will evolve further into a sustained and blunt metamorphosis of the world’s structure of government and economy. The changes you are about to realise will be edged in your memory for a very long time, as it will pull the rug under many old aspects you were so used to in the past.
Now it is no longer possible to sustain war, nor will governments succeed in blaming those they used to for political advantage, the truth will be felt by each individual as they retain more of their inner power.
There is a big wave coming and it will reshape the old into balance.

There are those who for years worked behind the scenes and created a controlled structure of gain and loss and it will be no more. those which will try to control will face transparency and banishment because no more will you allow it no more. The stress and the cracking of their old establishment is loud and visible and during this bridge it will finally come to rest.

The level of compassion you now each carry is well noticeable and it will continue to grow, bringing the commonality of the human consciousness to a new and more powerful stature and grace. You hold in your hands the torch of enlightenment and the commonality is becoming more and more aware of itself enabling the rapid and decisive transformation of things that are not for the highest good of the local and the entire planet. Embrace what you believe to see as chaos because there is a divine plan behind every one of those episodes.

With in the stages of shift you will find the self correcting periods which you will find challenging and we say to you celebrate it, find the those like-minded and re-establish the old wisdom of Lemuria within you, and bring forth a greater enablement for each and every one walking this amazing planet.

And so it is by your design we speak about the new energy, it is here to follow your guidance, your choices, your love and we are so eager to see how you will come to manifest this coming 12 months. the eyes of the universe are upon you watching every move you make and the suspense is celebrated with love and pride for you are the little gods of creation.
Peace on earth is a corner away from becoming a reality, make it so dear ones, you have earned it.

We love you so dearly asking you to love every moment of your existence because it is whet we do every time we hug you.

The “E”


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